Sand & Gravel Preferred Auto


Coverage ISO Trucks coverage Form CA 0012-0306 ISO Endorsements GL
Owner-ops up to 3 units / No Fleets
Eligible Risk Sand and Gravel Haulers
Vehicle Size Light to Extra Heavy Truck-Tractors
Radius Local 0-100 miles Intermediate 101- 300 miles
Driver Age 2 yrs. drv. exp. Age 25 & under 70 + call for approval
MVR Qualifications Maximum: 2 Minor Moving Violations with No At-Fault Accidents OR Per Driver 1 At-Fault Accident with No Moving Violations.
Submission Sand and Gravel Application with Fleet Survey
MVR’s & Loss Runs
Liability Limits 750,000 CSL; 1,000,000 CSL
Medical Payments 500; 1,000; 2,000; 5,000
Uninsured Motorist 60,000 CSL
Limits 300,000 CSL 350,000 CSL; 500,000 CSL; 600,000 CSL; 1,000,000 CSL
Physical Damage Current Value - Rating Basis
Limit Up to $250,000 Vehicle Value for Trucks
Comp/collision 500; 1,000; 2,500
Non-Owned & Liability - 750,000 CSL; 1,000,000 CSL
Hired Auto (No physical damage coverage)
Drive Other Car YES (No physical damage)
Waiver of Collision YES
Filings YES
SR-22 Filings NO
Binding Authority NO
Ineligible Accounts
Sand & Gravel Program

Sand and Gravel
Concrete Pumpers
Cranes, Hoists, Booms
Filings - SR22, SRIP
Hazardous Material Hauling
Heavy Truck Tractors without Loss Runs
Livestock Hauling
Logging or Lumber Trucks
Long haul - Radius 300 miles or more
Mobile Home Haulers
Roll-O­ beds on trucks
Tow Trucks
Truckers - Common Carrier
Truckers - Contract Carrier
Drivers with Less Than 2 Full Years Driving Experience
Drivers W/O Ca. Drivers License
Drivers W/O Ca. Medical Certificate